Explore. Engage. Excel.


Explore. Engage. Excel.
The USFSP Career Center motto. What does it mean?
More importantly what does it mean for you?

The next three weeks I will be breaking down the USFSP Career Center motto and give you information on where to find material that will answer your specific questions from the “For Students” section of usfsp.edu/career. This section is set up using the Career Center motto to guide you through the Career Development process.

Explore is about discovering yourself (values, interests, skills, and personality) and then researching and finding the occupations that match your unique self.
Under the “Explore Your Options” section there are tools and links to help discover your career goals.

  • Diversity Resources lists different career websites by diversity. Whether you’re African American, disabled, or part of the LGBTQ community there are sites that help you find careers and job search advice catered to how you choose to identify.
  • Explore & Research provides links that will give you insight to different careers. America’s Career Infonet lists transferable skills used in many occupations. Career Zone lists occupations based on the six occupational clusters of the Holland Self-Directed Search. WetFeet provides testimony of people that work in each field, giving you the inside look on jobs that you wouldn’t find out until you began working. This section also has a salary and cost of living section that can help you determine what a certain career pays and how to live efficiently and comfortably with that salary.
  • Grad School tab gives you information to choosing the right graduate school and graduate program. There are links to help you understand if grad school is for you and how to write a personal statement if you choose to apply. There are also websites to help you prepare for grad school, school searches, tips to succeeding financial aid, admission test prep, and more career exploration.
  • Match Career to Major section helps students understand that working toward your career choice is not only about choosing the right major, but choosing the right major that will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in finding the right career for you. The links to the USFSP majors and what you can do with each one is presented in this section along with other sites that link majors with careers.
  • Self-Assessment is taking the time to reflect on your interests, skills, and work values. Understanding these will help you find a good match with careers using those traits. This section gives you links to different assessment tests that can be found online. There are also descriptions of the assessment tests that we offer here at the career center. I would suggest taking these tests in the career center so that one of our career advisors can help you better understand your results and what they mean.

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  1. According to my opinion this is a great post for any student or child which have some problems to choose the way of his carrier.You described beautifully how to choosing the right career.

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